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Son of art, the young chef measures himself with a very diversified cuisine: from meats to herbs, in a continuous search for the best on the market

A few minutes from the Agrate tollbooth, Milano 37 may be the right answer for those looking for quality
and pleasure. With a very green outdoor area among olive trees and jasmine, it is a place where you can
spend a pleasant and relaxing moment isolated from the hustle and bustle and lulled by the rays of the sun
in the summer. A large old olive tree and its branches frame the aperitifs, lunches and dinners for a very
special experience. The property is owned by Luigi Pantaleo, former owner of Granfuoco, a very popular
teak house. In the 2000s the idea was born to move to nearby Gorgonzola at number 37, from the name
“Milano37”, a restaurant that today boasts a creative cuisine, with an open cellar as well as the charm of
the brazier which is widely used for the meats. Since 2009, in this place we have found in the kitchen the
young Carlo Andrea Pantaleo, son of Luigi, who for years was his father’s help, but who now can boast a
curriculum of valid experiences with famous Italian chefs. A dream that he has cultivated right from the
start since he just finished his studies at the “Olivetti” hotel institute in Monza, enters the prestigious
kitchen of the 5-star luxury hotel Villa del Quar in San Pietro in Cariano (VR), alongside cooks like Filippo
Gozzoli and Gennaro Vitto. At the end of this experience, he moves to Milan in the Galleria Meravigli
restaurant where he will not stay long to seize the opportunity to start a new adventure in one of the most
famous restaurants in Pavia, the Osteria del Collegio. In 2015, the dream of a lifetime knocks on his door:
the opportunity to become the Chef of your own restaurant. An adventure that has been going on for more
than ten years to add to the previous ones thanks to which he has become the professional and the person
he is today. In the room with large windows, with dad Luigi and his collaborators you will have an
impeccable service with the emotion of a creative cuisine, based on the technique of grilling in all its facets:
direct, indirect and smoking, with dishes that are convincing mix of flavors and aromas. The dining room
staff directed by Enrico Rizzo (also sommelier) will accompany you in complete safety, on a timeless
journey through the flavors and aromas of our Lombardy and why not, even with foreign exits. Chef Carlo
Andrea Pantaleo in his writing declares: “Cooking is my way of communicating, my tool of creativity and my
whole being of spontaneity, being able to mix incredible flavors with simple but sometimes surprising
smells. I try every day to enhance the balance of contrasts both in the kitchen and in life. In my way of
thinking, there is no good cooking or bad cooking; there is only the one you like best and therefore mine is
continually a great challenge. I only use three ingredients in my dishes. I don’t choose them fine, the most
important thing is that they are seasonal to get the most out of them and that everyone feels … from the
first to the third in an enchanting and balanced circular harmony “. We have unmissable memories of our
visit in mid-November: grilled octopus with potato and black garlic sauce; carbonara with sea urchins;
grilled lobster with herbs, hazelnut mayonnaise and its sauce; risotto with Jerusalem artichoke and
sweetbreads; New Zealand lamb chop with parsnips; Scottish Black Angus diaphragm with Breme onion;
white chocolate, rosemary and mango; reinterpretation of the classic lemon cake. The cheeses are by
Marco Vaghi, food specialties of San Genesio and Uniti (PV). Among the other specialties on the menu we
find: selection of mixed cold cuts with fried dumplings; charcoal-cooked aubergine, sour onions and crispy
bread; button stuffed with octopus, American sauce and creamy potato with lemon; the Irish fire-cooked
tomahawk served with barbecued seasonal vegetables. Closing in sweetness: our version of tiramisu;
berries with ice cream; goat mousse with rhubarb and frozen raspberry; lemon card with meringue served
warm. The menu includes other dishes with a prevalence of meats, both raw and grilled.

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