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In the recovery phase, after pandemic and war, a return to the “fundamentals” is desirable, not only in the service of wine

After more than two years of pandemics, lockdowns, emergencies and problems, it was in the air that
everything would start “like a rocket”. Except then stop again, in a pause for reflection (and anguish)
forced, linked to the terrifying and all in all unexpected war between Russia and Ukraine. Right now that
the recovery, despite the many problems, seemed to be underway, international equilibrium is returning to
an unprecedented critical phase. We only have to hope, however, that things will be adjusted relatively
quickly and that the passion and enthusiasm that were starting up again will be able to metabolize and
allow for a new recovery. The hope is that these values will also be combined with other fundamental
aspects, also very important for those who work in our sector, which are called: rigor, technique,
reasonableness, respect, consistency. Now, it is true that creativity, if talented, must have its space, but
also the rules must never be forgotten, in this turbillon of generalized excitement alternating with
moments of anxiety for the future. Concerns that at certain moments take precedence over reflection,
strategies, medium-term programs. I mean that, never as in this historical phase, it is necessary to have
courage, returning to those “fundamentals”, which are the basis of the profession.
Therefore it is necessary to put a stop to approximation which, even in our sector, could have devastating
effects. I am referring to that sort of somewhat improvised “deregulation” which, in the name of free
entrepreneurial spirit, is literally invading the horeca, with apparently trendy, extreme and sometimes
irrational slogans. The catering sector is very complex (where professionalism makes the difference),
sometimes it seems to have returned to the land of conquest of those who have more economic and
financial power to invest in dubious operations and, above all, far from analysis, market studies. , insights.
Here it is not a question of choosing between conservation and renewal, but of being responsible and
respecting the consumer, without imposing inconsistent formats at all costs, but rather contributing to its
evolution and responding to real needs. Allow us to regret (and to wish us a renewed presence in the halls
of our restaurants, wine bars, wine bars., Which have been closed for too long) the ideal figure of a
Restaurant manager (once called maitre) or a sommeleir who does not know deeply only the wines it
serves but the very rules of hospitality. And whose professionalism always comes from customers as a great
example, human and relational. Well, if there is a resumption, we want it to be characterized by a not too
“liturgical” approach, but not too “long live the parish priest” in which everything and the opposite of
everything is possible …

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