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The chef of the Milanese Ceresio 7 tells through his dishes a refined research work on the subject. And the results are fabulous

When the kitchen has the desire, the need and the dignity of being, then it is a new flavor. Whatever the
ingredient and the type of journey promised, that dish manifests itself as an effective experience. Effective
because it has the ability to produce an effect, effective because it is capable of fulfilling an expectation.
However, in order to be such and satisfying, the experience must accept the provocation of a total
immersion yes in the flavors, but also in the other nuances given by the location.
The sum of these addenda will be the right atmosphere, the one we are looking for, the one that for us
becomes the place to chase because it is capable of stopping the time of our busy schedules.
Ceresio 7 is exactly that. A place where elegance is never far away. A slightly retro atmosphere that,
without ever falling into kitsch, takes us to a 1940s New York style.
A simple and minimalist tablecloth, an attentive but not intrusive service make this restaurant a favorite
destination for those who want to have fun at the table. And it is here that the fulfillment of Elio Sironi’s
promise takes place.
Elio Sironi, the chef who leads Ceresio 7 present on les Collectionneurs also in the latest edition, traces a
path of taste with which he places his hand and his research in a border kitchen. Not of horizons, places or
ingredients, but of one more possibility that is realized in the middle, landing on challenges that win in its
His dish is a game and eating it is actively participating in the game. In other words, it’s full of fun. And it is
fun to leave textures (which remain well defined) in the background to feel Elio’s courage in the mouth, the
background of his cooking, the wise dose of acidity that distinguishes every dish of him.
The beauty of Sironi is not a place, but a passage through.
Through the worlds that he has in his pocket, through the tours of locations to which he left his signature,
through the concreteness and the challenge that he proposes in the dishes.
Because if you can often see the bottarga, Sironi cuts it into slices in his amberjack tartare, undoubtedly
creating a formidable umami. As well as the entire menu, where the octopus is deviled and the pig a
feather. The Mediterranean element remains the leitmotif of Elio Sironi’s proposal, but this does not
prevent him from inventing his surprise.
And this is his touch, his authenticity.
In a Milan that challenges the sky, Ceresio 7 is his island that doesn’t exist.

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