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Autumn is arrived. Cross for some, delight for others, what is certain is that this season marks the return to offices and the daily routine, the arrival of coolness and rains, but also the return to conviviality and meals nourished by some of the most greedy for creation.

A season in which it is always time for a good glass of wine. However, each wine has its own character, there is one for every occasion.

While some wines are more versatile and adapt well to any situation, others need a moment of solitary contemplation to be fully enjoyed; still others are configured as voices out of the chorus and are suitable for someone who has the desire and the time to listen to the story.

So here are the ten wines that we recommend for autumn.
Ten new potential evening companions, with whom we are sure you will be very comfortable.

Those to take out for dinner Gradoni, Curtefranca Doc Rosso 2015 Villa Franciacorta Area:

Franciacorta, Lombardy Grapes: 35% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Cabernet Franc; Color: Ruby red;

Alcohol Content: 14%; On the nose: Berry jam, cherry, licorice, sweet spices; On the palate: Structured, great softness; A Matching Dish: Saddle of venison Baden Baden style;

We recommend it: Because with its large bouquet and the softness of the sip, it will appeal to everyone and will make it the star of the evening.

Giovin Re, Tuscany Igt 2018 Michele Satta Area: Bolgheri, Tuscany Grapes: 100% Viognier; Color: Golden yellow; Alcoholic Content: 13.5%; On the nose: Apricot, lemon peel, tea; On the palate: Round and at the same time pleasantly fresh; A Matching Dish: Chestnut tagliatelle with walnut pesto;

We recommend it: Because with its golden color it is beautiful to look at, but even better to taste. Five Roses, Salento Igt 2020 Leone De Castris Area: Salento, Puglia;

Grapes: 90% Negroamaro, 10% Malvasia Nera di Lecce; Color: Coral pink; Alcoholic Content: 12.5%;

On the nose: Wild strawberries, pomegranate, rose;

On the palate: Refreshing and enveloping; A Matching Dish: Risotto with Porcini Mushrooms;

We recommend it: Because it was the first Italian rosé to be bottled, but it has never gone out of style.

Those to be contemplated in blissful solitude Mariondino, Barolo Docg 2016 Parusso Area: Langhe, Piedmont; Grapes: 100% Nebbiolo; Color: Ruby red with garnet reflections; Alcohol Content: 14.5%;

On the nose: Cherry, mint, chocolate; On the palate: Structured, velvety, persistent; A Matching Dish: Platter of aged cheeses;

We recommend it: Because its structure makes it the ideal support to hold on to.

Nussbaumer, Alto Adige Gewürztraminer Doc 2019 Tramin Area: Alto Adige, Trentino-Alto Adige; Grapes: 100% Gewürztraminer; Color: Golden yellow; Alcohol Content: 14.5%;

On the nose: Chamomile, mango, cinnamon and ginger; On the palate: Incredibly enveloping and structured, fresh, persistent and mineral; A Matching Dish: Roasted chestnuts;

We recommend it: Because its enveloping is perfect for warming the bones and satisfying the senses after a hard day.

Those who come from afar Cordillera de los Andes, Carmenére 2017 Miguel Torres Area: Chile; Grapes: 100% Carménère; Color: Ruby red; Alcohol Content: 14.5%; On the nose: Blackberries, coffee, leather, black pepper, eucalyptus; On the palate: Round and structured;

One dish in combination: Piedmontese mixed boiled meat;

We recommend it: Because its intense aromas allow you to travel around the world, without moving an inch.

Champagne Brut Réserve Billecart Salmon Area: France; Grapes: 40% of Pinot Meunier, 30% of Chardonnay, 30% of Pinot Noir; Color: Light golden yellow; Alcoholic Content: 12%; On the nose: Pear, wild flowers, bread crust; On the palate: Fresh and balanced; A Matching Dish: Cream of pumpkin and stracciatella;

We recommend it: Because it is suitable for any occasion and never looks bad.

Those outside the pack Lanthano Bianco 2013 Alchemica Winery, Giorgio Mercandelli Area: Oltrepò Pavese, Lombardy; Grapes: Native grapes; Color: Orange yellow; Alcoholic Content: 13.5%;

On the nose: Yellow peach, spices, karkadé, Orange peel; On the palate: Soft, fresh, elegant, eternal; A Matching Dish: Milanese cutlet;

We recommend it: Because Giorgio Mercandelli’s is a voice that must be listened to, as enlightening as his wines.

Sulàna, Tuscan coast alicante IGT 2020 The Mursa Area: Capraia Island, Tuscany; Grapes: 100% Alicante; Color: Ruby red; Alcohol content: 12.5%; On the nose: Cherry, myrtle, helichrysum, dried rose and an iodized note;

On the palate: Structured, fresh and pleasantly savory; A Matching Dish: Baked rabbit;

We recommend it: Because the nostalgic sealing wax capsule protects a wine that contains all the aromas of the island where it was born and the beautiful story of the two young people who fell in love with it.

Alea Rosa, rosé wine 2020 Andrea Occhipinti Area: Lake of Bolsena, Lazio; Grapes: 100% Aleatico; Color: Cherry pink; Alcohol content: 12.5%;

On the nose: Strawberry, rosehip, flint; On the palate: Fresh, mineral; A Matching Dish: Veal stew;

We recommend it: Because it brings to light the entire depth of the largest volcanic lake in Europe in a perfect combination of minerality and freshness.

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