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Looking around and discovering that everything is still in motion, this is the beauty of the recovery in progress

2022 got off to a great start.
The snake-like idea suggests to me the prospect of a food and wine renaissance that ranges from
techniques applied to research studies that lead the main players in the sector to veer towards often
unexplored roads. Courage and stubbornness are perhaps already marking the beginning of this new year.
And the undisputed protagonists are young people. From agricultural realities to the strongest kitchens in
the world, young minds and, why not, artists create projects that are placed on a line that defines the
future and the avant-gardes.

To unite these minds there is the desire to always and in any case enhance the
territorial identity in spite of the globalization that persecutes us everywhere.

And this can be seen in the kitchen thanks to chefs such as Antonio Ziantoni, Donato De Leonardis or even Marianna Vitale and Giuseppe Molaro.
Their strong point is a look at the world through the lens of their own territory. The world of wine is also
following this route: today it is an emblem of culture and therefore the role of the Protection Consortiums
is also changing.

Today they have the task of establishing trust with consumers thanks to the now achieved goal of defining
and being clear about the traceability of the product, as well as the quality of the wine. I am thinking of the
climate change it has brought about and which will bring necessary consequences. The young people in the
vineyard and in the cellar, however, are demonstrating that reason is on their side, capable as they are
demonstrating of interpreting this change by giving us wines that are also important.

Perhaps the pandemic is really a bad memory, the revenge is in the openings that from north to south are
affecting different realities. I am thinking of Gucci Osteria which recently opened, after Los Angeles, also in
Tokyo. Antonio Iacoviello, demonstrates in all respects that he holds the world in his hand: a universal
vision of the kitchen that starts from Emilia but winks at the rest of the world. Creativity, elegance and
talent are the basis of the offer, the whole idea is to give a unique experience that also reflects the
Japanese identity. This is a great example of how art lives in food and wine!

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