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Chianti Classico Petrignano DOCG 2019 and Campinovi Bianco Toscana IGT: but there is also more

It is always an emotion to enter the Chianti countryside, purify yourself from the frenetic city activities and
lose yourself in the cold colors that a new January gives us. Rain, a long-awaited divinity, is its undisputed
accomplice. This is the case of Dievole Wine Resort, a reality immersed in the 600 hectares of property
between woods and vineyards where foreign painters are present to welcome the visit, waving their
brushes faithfully reproducing the surrounding landscape.

The privileged position between the Chianti hills, the Chianti Mountains and the Crete Senesi that look at
Mount Amiata from afar makes the landscape pleasant and the environment fairytale.
It is only the introduction to the presentation of a Resort that represents the icon of the contemporary
bienvivre of Chianti Classico. The 28 rooms in the manor house in a contemporary style, furnished with
extreme care, sober and elegant as well as equipped with all comforts, are the frame of the strong values,
such as passion and tradition, of one of the most important wineries in Chianti.

The restaurant with a few seats dedicated mainly to the guests of the structure, is led by the Resident Chef
Monika Filipinska with the use of seasonal dishes preferring the company’s raw materials but at the same
time respecting the characteristics of the place, interpreting them with a gourmet look. Wild boar, guinea
fowl, pigeon are just some of the examples brought to the palate of the diners. Interesting activities related
to oil tastings; the explanation of the different cultivars used, the extraction process directly in the estate’s
modern oil mill and bottling according to the best craft traditions. These are the secrets that allow the
production of a range of award-winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Wine is obviously essential for oil in the Chianti area; with more than 150 hectares of vineyards, the Dievole
winery presents the Chianti Classico Petrignano DOCG 2019 with Sangiovese being the master (100%). This
wine comes from a particular area characterized by highly stony and highly mineral soils that give the
palate richness and fullness, confirming the notes of blackberries and ripe fruit sensed on the nose. It is a
product that exploits the excellent 2019 vintage where the abundant spring rains, the balanced summer
and above all the predominantly beautiful weather during the harvest with the large temperature range
between night and day determined a perfect phenolic ripening of the grapes. Not only Sangiovese,
Campinovi Bianco Toscana IGT also needs to be studied in depth, made up of pure Trebbiano, a wine with
body and structure, one could say that a missed red winks at the great colleagues from Abruzzo.

If Petrignano charms those who taste it and Campinovi projects its own dimension to you, D’wine club is a
paradise for lovers of good wine: an exclusive project for the international wine community. The services
include the possibility of ordering high quality Tuscan wines, rare vintages, previews and en primeur sales.
A club conceived as a circle of select people, among whom an even more limited number has the possibility
of owning wine cellars in the Dievole cellar, as if they were safety boxes dedicated to wine.
The description of an authentic country house identified in the Dievole Wine Resort continues with the
multisensory path that the structure offers: a real immersion in nature, Activity Nature Training Sense, a
reconnection with the truest part of oneself, a path fun to train to train body and mind and rediscover wellbeing and balance.

This is the further service that an excellent reality located in the Chianti hills offers to
those who decide to experience something not taken for granted, an experience that is always at the
forefront, a different way to find themselves.
Dievole’s three souls intended as Oil, Wine and Hospitality express the deep bond between man and the
earth, the three pillars that coexist in respect of the ecosystem and that contaminate those who stay on the
estate contribute to a lifestyle to aspire to. . The ambition of an informal elegance that unites the past,
present and future of classic Chianti in one word: Dievole.

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