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Annalisa and Gennaro Alfiero are part of the Neapolitan gastronomic renaissance with their restaurant

Reopening after the pandemic is in itself an act of courage. Opening after the pandemic brings with it a
force full of enthusiasm. This is the case of Bros & Bun, a new habitat for gourmands. The idea comes from
two very young minds, Annalisa, 29 and Gennaro Alfiero, 35. The two young brothers bring their
determination into an act that undoubtedly places Bros & Bun in a real Neapolitan gastronomic
renaissance. Annalisa and Gennaro from the first elaboration of the project had clear in front of their eyes
which horizon to aim for: excellence in the food and wine proposal and elegance in the rooms of the
restaurant. The details have never escaped their attention and thus, everything is masterfully devoted to
great quality. In the kitchen, for example, the focus is on the high selection of products, cuts of meat and
preparation methods.

The big turn was entrusted to the talented Davide Loffredo, a very young chef who at
only 25 years old is rich in experience: raised at the starry court of Europe, among his experiences we will
want to remember that with Luigi Tramontano at the Terrazza Bosquet restaurant of the Grand Hotel
Excelsior Vittoria of Sorrento; the one who then sees him at the La Serra restaurant of the Hotel Le Agavi in
Positano in the role of game chief; that still in the kitchens of the Maxi, 1 Michelin star of the Capo La Gala
Hotel in Vico Equense, and in the winter season that which sees him as chef de partie at the 5-Star Luxury
Carlton Hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland. A grit and preparation that led him to develop a menu that is a
variation of haute cuisine in bun and meat dishes with a Central European flavor. Annalisa told us in our
interview, with the delicacy of her beauty, all the enthusiasm of the project: “inside this dream, – she tells
us – there was the idea of creating a refined environment, we did not want the classic hamburger
restaurant, but my brother and I wanted excellence, research, internationality, all in an elegant but not far
away place “.

Annalisa has big black eyes, her voice vibrates full of emotion when she talks about her dream
come true, but inevitably that black shadow threatens her sweetness for a moment: “the covid stopped us
from opening that was already in the estimate before disaster struck; we believed in it even more than
before and so in the summer of 2020 we finally decided to open, despite everything “. An act of active
hope, one would think! An unbridled courage that, grant us, belongs to the Neapolitan people. Thus begins
the story of Bros & Bun. But let’s see specifically his gourmet proposal. Talking with Chef Loffredo means
entering his menu: a starred restaurant hand in the preparation, cooking and presentation of burgers and

The focal point of the restaurant is always the bun, the round sandwich made by Cesto Bakery on an
exclusive recipe, which is declined as a haute cuisine dish playing on different textures, aromas and flavors.
Sandwiches never tasted before that taste of research and experimentation, attention to the methods of
preparation of the meats and genuineness of seasonal side dishes combined in an innovative and surprising
way. We immediately ask him about his influences and inspirations.
A classy cuisine that brings people together, what is his idea of cooking?
The cuisine that I love the most is that made up of dishes that are not at all obvious, and with unusual
combinations in order to surprise and amaze customers. My main goal is precisely to satisfy customers as
much as possible and then by doing a good job, perhaps, to get some important recognition that can
reward my and my team’s passion and dedication.

Thinking about the sandwich, let’s imagine an easier dish, (not trivial, of course), we know that his school is
of high levels, how does he manage to transport it in a sandwich?
For me, even a sandwich can have the charisma of an important dish and in fact that’s what you feel when
you taste each sandwich on the menu. In each one I put research, experimentation and combination of
different flavors and different textures. Even the dessert list deserves attention, curated by Michele
Cannavacciuolo, pastry chef of the team of Gennaro Esposito della Torre del Saracino. A menu that ranges
from a precious and tasty tiramisu with coconut, peanut butter and coffee ice cream, up to Truffle et
Vanille, a hazelnut Bavarian cream with extra virgin olive oil, truffle, vanilla ice cream and ground

Another novelty of this young venue is the cocktail bar: entrusted to the mastery of Giuseppe
Esposito, born in ’86, Neapolitan, at the age of twenty he flew to London to learn from the best, so from a
simple bartender of the historic Ivy Club he became head bartender of the Sky Garden by London and
finally the Arros Qd, the London restaurant of the multi-starred Quique Dacosta. At Bros And Bun he puts
all his international knowledge into an identity mixology, refined and at times choreographic: his 9
signature cocktails reflect in the blends the style, elegance and taste of the cuisine of the chef Loffredo, not
for nothing, he proposes a pairing precisely with cocktails. May the courage, enthusiasm and determination
of Annalisa and Gennaro Alfiero and the whole team always fill the Bros & Bun.

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