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What will 2022 be like in the kitchen of the award-winning chef? Certainly explosive!

After almost two years of suffering and restrictions, a 2022 in continuous recovery and growth is expected
(we certainly hope).

We asked ourselves many questions about the intentions and forecasts for the new year. How will chefs,
sommeliers, great restaurants in general move, in view of a recovery in the food and wine sector?

We interviewed Enrico Crippa, one of the most famous chefs “on the square”, making a play on words, chef
since 2005 alongside the Ceretto family in the creation of the “Piazza Duomo” restaurant located in the
Langhe, in Alba.

According to the great chef, already in this second part of 2021 there have been strong signs of recovery.
The most suffered failure by the chef and all the starred team of Piazza Duomo was to do their job with
serenity to best welcome national and international guests who have long awaited the reopening of the
prestigious restaurant.

But we wondered how, following this long period of difficulty, the Christmas holidays would be faced in a
restaurant like Piazza Duomo:

Enrico Crippa himself replies with the intention of informing and reassuring customers in two respects.

On the one hand, the restaurant will remain open to celebrate in a new way, all together, unlike previous years
during which the restaurant was closed for holidays for three weeks, from the third week of December to
the third of January; on the other hand, ensuring compliance with the regulations by showing the green
pass, in order to avoid a relapse.

Finally, Enrico adds with joy and enthusiasm that it will be “a very great first time and that after a welldeserved rest, he will move towards a 2022 full of commitments, news and the desire to do well and surprise guests”.

Entering the heart of the interview and our curiosities, we asked Enrico for some anticipation on the 2022
menu, who, he says, will respond to his own conception of life and to the characteristics of the period we
lived (from which we have learned, hopefully, more than something). Live for the day. Therefore, “a menu
marked by the day”.

A menu that does not necessarily seek the classic ingredients such as sea bass or fine meat, but which will
opt for a daily choice that can inspire new ideas, new dishes. “The beauty of this work”, ardently argues the
great chef, “is precisely the creativity, the moment”. And the same goes for the garden, to which he pays
extreme attention.

The chef rigorously interprets each vegetable with various cooking methods to enhance its characteristics
and quality.

Overall a menu in constant movement and evolution, like the cuisine of Enrico Crippa.

The restaurant’s vegetable garden deserves a commendation. Born in 2007, long before there was talk of
foraging and sustainability at all costs, it has given a lot to the restaurant. Both in terms of quality and in
terms of respect. Respect for the rhythms of the garden and for the ingredient itself. And from here the
idea of sustainability of the Piazza Duomo team is linked. The menu is very green and is very successful for
the authenticity of the taste and quality of its products.

But what will be the constant between 2021 and 2022?
The liaison will be a tasting menu created this year but already in great demand. The Barolo menu.

Designed to best enhance the peculiarities of this wine and not relegate it to single courses. In fact, this
menu demonstrates that by evaluating the vintages and the characteristics of the individual vineyards it can
be a gastronomically valid wine at 360 degrees. A menu that will continue to take inspiration from the
splendid Langhe area.

The Piazza Duomo is getting ready and waiting for very high rhythms. Many countries will open their
borders next year and when this happens, Italy will be benevolently overwhelmed by tourists.

Enrico greets us with the hope that it will be an exciting year for catering and for the entire supply chain.

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