Cold spaghetti with hedgehog and lime emulsion, beaten with red Mazara shrimp

Black tortello stuffed with Jerusalem artichoke with purple prawns and chicken sauce
Rice, creamed cod, red turnip scapece, chestnuts and Apulian taralli


Emanuele Mosca & Fabio La Montagna
Truth appetizer restaurant




30 min of preparation, 15 min of cooking

Doses for

4 people

Recommended wine

Alto Adige
Souvignon Blanc


Semolina spaghetti 280 g
Red prawns of
Mazara II size 4 pcs
Salt and white pepper

Sea urchin coral emulsion 100 g
Lime juice 10 g
Extra virgin olive oil 150 g
Lime peel
Salt and pepper


Start by preparing the emulsion. Put the coral in a tall container, add the peel, the lime juice and start blending with an immersion mixer adding the oil flush until the consistency of a mayonnaise is obtained.

Clean the prawns and prepare a beaten knife, seasoned
with salt, white pepper and extra virgin olive oil.

Cook the pasta, drain it al dente and cool it in water
and ice. Season the pasta with a good EVO oil and the curly emulsion, serve and finish with a red shrimp quenelle.

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