Martina Suez


Nidaba, the contemporary identity of cooking goes hand in hand with beer

A creative workshop where dishes and drinks walk alongside towards a meeting point between different cultures A pleasant reality, where flavors and scents, music and words […]

Tenuta Corallo, the wine resort that tells the story of Otranto

In Baia dei Turchi an organic farm to experience the territory and its traditions in a landscape and architectural context typical of Salento

Paolo Gramaglia: a menu inspired by the dishes of ancient Pompeii

At the President, the culinary art and the art of the place come together with the revival of historically certified recipes

Danì Maison, Ischia: a double soul divided between land and sea

Discovering the home of taste by Nino di Costanzo, 2 Michelin stars and a symbol of island cuisine Ischia. Land of farmers and fishermen, an island […]

Not Just Wine, the wine gastronomists

Graduated from the University of Pollenzo, Luca Santoro and Matteo Micotti have created a real brand that combines lifestyle and oenogastronomy