academic year 2020/2021



Do you really want to be a food and wine critic? Not sure where to start? We have the answer to your doubts.

What you need is adequate training and the right skills that will allow you not to get lost in the sea of ​​non-professionals. The right answer is the Master in Food and Wine Journalism organized by the newspaper So Wine So Food, the only newspaper that travels the world and speaks only and exclusively about food and wine and does it in eight languages ​​and is the only Master to issue a certificate guaranteed by University of IUL.

  • Specific and advanced training in the field of food and wine journalism
  • Specific skills in journalism, marketing, food production, oenology
  • Tasting principles of gastronomic and wine products
  • General evaluation criteria for food and wine areas
The Master is coordinated by Stefano Cocco and Barbara Turchetta.


The major guides use as "experts" and judges, bloggers, enthusiasts and journalists, often "improvised" and without any practical notion on catering on service or hospitality.

Thanks to the contribution of professional figures and recognized nationally and worldwide, the master can train the food and wine journalists of the future, with practical and theoretical knowledge of all aspects of catering and hospitality.

Admission requirements

Minimum access requirement is possession of a three-year degree or an old system.
Candidates in possession of an academic qualification obtained abroad equivalent in terms of duration and content to the Italian academic qualification required for access to the Master's degree can also submit an application for admission.

Admissions teaching

The Master has a total duration of 1500 hours and provides for the release of 60 ECTS (university training credits); the course is delivered in blended mode:

one part in attendance:
  • 10 modules for a total of 52 CFU
  • internship in host institutions (2 CFU)
  • final discussion in presence (6 CFU)
one part online:
  • 10 modules delivered in bleanded mode online for a total of 43 CFU

For face-to-face modules, 6 hours of frontal teaching are provided for each CFU, with attendance lessons taking place at the Rome office.

For the online modules there is an environment characterized by the training model of the IUL Telematic University:
t is flexible and customizable based on the students' previous knowledge and experience and is characterized by offering training courses that can be adapted to the times and availability of the individual student.
The articulation of online teaching for each CFU is divided as follows:

  • 1 h of teaching (DE) : audio or video recordings, web-conference lessons (online meetings, also called "synchronous"), pre-structured courseware or similar variants (this is any material structured for teaching purposes and offered in various types of web environments);
  • 5 hours of interactive teaching (DI) : didactic interventions by the teacher or tutor addressed to the class or to a part of it in the form of demonstrations or additional explanations (FAQ, mailing lists, forum), short interventions made by the students in forums, blogs and wikis, e-tivity (individual or collaborative) carried out by the students with relative feed-back.

Cost and registration

The total cost of enrollment, attendance, final exam and award of the qualification is € 9,000.00 payable with 1 enrollment installment and three following installments:
  1. 1,000.00 to be paid upon registration
  2. 3,000.00 to be paid by October 2020
  3. 3,000.00 to be paid by January 2021
  4. 2,000.00 to be paid by April 2021

In case of late payment of the second installment, the payment of an additional € 30.00 (thirty / 00) for late payment will be mandatory for all students.

Enrollment in the course takes place through the GOMP student portal. The registration and payment procedure through the PagoPA system is described in detail in the Guide published on the institutional website together with this Call. Once the application has been completed online, it will be necessary to print it, sign it and reload it in the system to complete the request. Subsequently, the signed copy must be sent, with stamp duty of € 16.00 (sixteen / 00), to the postal address "TELEMATIC UNIVERSITY OF IUL STUDIES, VIA M. BUONARROTI, 10 - 50122 FLORENCE" indicating on the envelope the words: "Registration MA1 - Culinary arts and sciences - name and surname".


The student is granted the right to withdraw from participation in the Master and to request a refund of the amount paid only prior to the official start of the Master's teaching activities. This withdrawal can be exercised by sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the IUL Secretariat (Via M. Buonarroti n. 10 - 50122 Florence); in this case the amount already paid for the first installment (€ 3,000.00), will be fully refunded within 30 days of receipt of the letter of withdrawal. Once the didactic activities of the Master have officially started, the enrolled student will have to pay the entire enrollment fee.

Therefore, any waiver of the completion of the training course, expressed beyond the above terms, not involving the suspension of payments, will be ineffective and, consequently, the student will be obliged to pay the entire fee regardless of actual attendance. of the training course.



Module Matter name CFU Total hours Frontal teaching Recording hours
1 Writing workshop 6 36 30 6
2 Anthropology 3 18 15 3
3 winemaking 6 36 30 6
4 Sensory analysis 3 18 15 3
5 Food Marketing 6 36 30 6
6 Food and Wine Tourism 6 36 30 6
7 Lab 1 e past 1 3 18 15 3
8 Food and Wine Publishing 6 36 30 6
9 Food Design 6 36 30 6
10 Start Up 6 36 30 6

Internship at least 200 hours



Request information

For all questions you can write to us or call the number 06 91516050 interno 2